Premier Series  Liners | Beauty meets Economy   

We buy only the best material available in North America. Where possible we source our products from local suppliers. Buying domestically means we support jobs for our customers. Our craftsmen are extensively trained to ensure we make only the best products!  At every stage of the process each order is checked for accuracy so that the product we make is right the first time!

beauty meets strength and economy

Premier Series Liners are your choice! Made from only the best swimming pool vinyl available, with industry leading additives like fungicide (to inhibit microbiological growth in the liner) - UV inhibtors (to protect from the sun’s rays)  - custom chlorine resistant inks (to resist chlorine bleaching) -  special clear top-coat (to protect the pattern).  Why settle for a standard 20 mil thick pool liner, when you can get so much more for no extra charge !

Exclusive Patterns

Fast Delivery

20 mil Prices

25 Year Seam Warranty

Premier Series Vinyl Liners bring all the quality of traditional 20 mil pool liners, but have more vinyl.

More vinyl means thicker liners, which means more durability!

9 Exciting Patterns

Full UV protection

Full chlorine resistance

A quality fit every time! Using leading edge equipment and technology our pool liners are fabricated from the finest materials. High-frequency ultrasonic welding ensures that our seams are actually stronger than the material it’s self! 25 years of experience and computer aided design ensures that every liner will always have a superior fit.  

Premier Series  Liners | Beauty meets Economy